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ADBL on Raceism 2015

RaceismThis year, the Mecca for the most fancy converted car lovers in Europe was Opole. Visitors not only from Poland, but also the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK could meet in the modern hall. We have never seen the Audi R8 with a lowered suspension and here there were two of them, and they had wheel rims the value of a small apartment! The level presented by the selected cars was astounding. Our stand was graced by a Lexus of our friends from the Project 86, which premiered with putting on a new coat of paint at this event. In addition, there was a casual atmosphere of a picnic, smiling people, and the drift, what more could you want? In our view, in terms of the level the cars represented, it was one of the best events in Poland and in Europe. We will be happy to come back for the next edition.


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