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ADBL Shampoo Pro

ADBL Shampoo Pro

ADBL Shampoo Pro is a product designed for professionals.

High concentration (about 10 ml/10 l of water) and excellent cleaning properties make Shampoo Pro ideally suited for the preparation of paint for correction and to its degreasing prior to protection. The formula contains no lubricants, polishing polymers or waxes.  It washes away very quickly without leaving any residues. This composition, rich in cleaning agents and natural citrus oils, leaves paint free of contaminants and substances that might prevent the binding of wax, sealant or a varnish coating. Ideally suited for washing cars protected with quartz and ceramic coatings.

ADBL Shampoo Pro is a very good product with an intense aroma and nice foam. It cleans very well and removes impurities from the paint. The effect is guaranteed.

Detailing 4 Your Car

ADBL Pro Shampoo – the ideal product for professional use. In our opinion it acts the best when used for washing before correcting the lacquer, and before the application of protective coatings, because it is great at degreasing surfaces. We have not seen it leave any residue or affect the ceramic coating in any way.


ADBL Shampoo pro - cleaning and polishing before waxing - another cool product.


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