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ADBL Vampire Liquid

ADBL Vampire LiquidADBL Vampire Liquid is intended for the extraction of dust from car brake blocks, volatile rust and other metallic impurities from the entire car body.

Its semi-liquid consistency makes it easier to spray over any surface, prevents any run-offs and enables longer operation as it does not dry too quickly. Due to its neutral pH, the product is safe for any types of external car surface and may be applied in everyday maintenance of rims and car varnish.

ADBL Vampire Liquid -  pleasant smell after application, good price, good quality, good performance


ADBL Liquid Vampire is a very good product, it removes all impurities and residues in one application. It is a permanent addition to our supply of care products. We can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Detailing 4 Your Car

ADBL Vampire Liquid - Very strong yet safe product to remove residue of the metal origin from the body and wheels. Easy to apply, it remains on the surface very long, which makes it very efficient.


We used the ordinary Vampir for very long time - some time ago we tried the Liquid one and for me both are great. I can honestly say that I am very pleased and fascinated by your products.


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