ADBL Vampire


ADBL Vampire is a pH-neutral product that removes deeply embedded metallic dirt from the surface of rims and paint.
Thanks to refined gel formula, you can work with it longer than with competing products. A single application spread with a moistened brush allows you to use the product several times.  Thus, you can can prolong its action for another few minutes after each application with a brush, which will dissolve even very old and the most embedded brake dust with a small amount of product.
Ideal for removing dust from brake pads and volatile corrosion from rims and paint.
Safe for painted wheels and for polished aluminium.

Vampire – the BEST iron rust remover we have used. We have tested a lot of products, but the Vampire is so thick and remains on rims/paint so long that it performs the best. Its thick consistency allows it to stay long on the rim and remove the residue without any unnecessary runoff. Even if it accidentally dries out, it is not a problem, it is enough to spray it with a bit of water and it begins to „bleed” again.


- Detailing studio
Diamentowa Ochrona Lakieru
Vampire – we have not found a product yet, and we tested almost everything, which can stay on the rim as long. Add the strongest action among the products of the same class, an we have the winner. We recommend it.

Diamentowa Ochrona Lakieru

- Detailing studio